Buying Services

No matter what level of commercial real estate investment experience you have, Michelle will help find and secure the investment that meets your needs exclusively.

As part of the process, she will evaluate your unique needs and develop a comprehensive strategy for finding your perfect commercial real estate investment. Whether you are a first time commercial real estate investor, looking to purchase a property as part of a long term plan of securing your financial future, or a seasoned buyer looking to maximize and grow your commercial real estate investments, Michelle will help you achieve your individual goals.

Upon completion of the initial evaluation, she will then conduct a thorough property search, and present only the options that make the most sense for you.

Once we have found you a property that meets your needs, Michelle will coordinate all of the details of the transaction, from the inspection, to preparing the initial package, to negotiating the final deal. Additionally, she will serve as a support for you during the entire process, making sure you are aware of all of the developments and helping you achieve a thorough understanding of the details of the deal. 

To view Michelle’s current and past transactions, click here.

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