Case Study: Santa Lucia 8-plex

Apartment complex portland oregon commercial real estate

Closing Price: $2,100,000

The Property:

The Santa Lucia Complex is a gorgeous 8 unit apartment complex that M. Maltase Real Estate sold to the owner five years ago.

Opportunities and Challenges:

The owner wanted to stabilize the property and improve rental values. So, M. Maltase Real Estate helped the owner to make upgrades, with the end result being that it cash flowed and became a turnkey property. Once the property was upgraded, the owner desired to cash out.


Michelle was able to find a buyer that paid full price, after M. Maltase Real Estate demonstrated the excellent condition of the property and potential in upside in rent to make the property a good investment for a long term hold. In the end, the buyer was  incredibly happy to own such a gorgeous, well-positioned property.

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