Michelle got her start in real estate while she was putting herself through school to obtain a Master’s degree. During this process, she took on work as an assistant to various real estate brokers. Her first year as a real estate broker she won the prestigious Commercial Association of Realtors Rookie of the Year Award, by out selling all of the competitors. 

Over time, she discovered the passion she had for helping people achieve success with their real estate goals. The accomplishment of making real estate deals and offering her skills and talents so others can achieve financial success through real estate led her to continue her work in commercial real estate.

Over 15 years later, she has developed a track record of honest, transparent and successful commercial real estate deals that benefit all parties. Her goal has always been to give everyone the opportunity to pursue their dreams through commercial real estate. Through dedicated work, she guides her clients through a complicated process to reach their real estate goals, whether they are seasoned real estate investors or brand new to the experience.  This is demonstrated by the large amount of repeat clients that she serves. 

Ms. Maltase has a Master’s of Science from the University of Illinois and a Bachelor’s from Loyola University of Chicago. Married to a native Oregonian, she was born and raised in Cleveland, Ohio and is a proud mother. In her spare time she enjoys hiking, skiing,  and spending time with her family.